Meet Christy

I  have been in  North Texas for 27 years and have lived and worked in  many  different cities throughout the area. Yup, I know it well.  I have  also  lived in a house that has provided many "learning opportunities"  so I  have knowledge about different types of home repair and  renovation.   Replacing floors (same floor, multiple times)?  It's like  moving, but  worse.  Confetti carpet in the bathroom?  Ew, I couldn't  rip it out fast  enough.  Woodpecker finding my home irresistible?  Apparently, my home is tasty.  A new roof?  Thank you mother nature.  Pink & blue deck?  It wasn't there for long. 

Not   all agents are created equally.  My experience in IT project   management, my Six Sigma Green Belt Certification (quality), combined   with my passion for real estate makes me a REALTOR ninja.  In this   highly competitive market, I have the knowledge, expertise, skills, and   determination to help you.  I try to keep your stress to a minimum by   providing tools (personalized portal, Starbucks, etc) and information   (market stats, which stores have shoes on sale, etc) to make things as   easy as possible.  

First   time buyer?  Let's do this!  I have access to fantastic lenders that   will patiently walk you through the process.  Don't go to just any   lender or bank - there are some that sellers will not find acceptable   (and they shouldn't).  Even if you're not ready to buy now, one of my   lenders and I can give you advice on what to do to get ready.  My  business is about building relationships.  

Want   to sell your home but you're worried about finding another one? Or you   think it needs too much work?  Or the whole thing just stresses you   out?  I have solutions and answers to these concerns and more!  I can   sell your home AND get you into another home (yes, there is a way to do   that even in a crazy market).  I can tell you what really needs to be   done in your home to sell it (the answers may just surprise you).  I'll   make selling as painless as possible using technology and time saving   methods to get it sold quickly and for as much as possible.

Give me a call today - let's chat and see what I can do for you!

   Christy Addy